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Vehicle History

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VIN: Engine
Year Country of Assembly:
Make Vehicle Age:
Model Calculated Owners:
Style/Body Last Reported Odometer Reading:


11 - Incorrect Model Year, decoded data may not be accurate






Other Information

Information provided below is based on the details provided by the manufacturer of this vehicle to NHTSA in the part 565 submittal


Central Motor Corp., LTD, Sagamihara , Japan

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All Vehicle details

Group NameElementValue
Suggested VIN
Error Code11 - Incorrect Model Year, decoded data may not be accurate
Possible Values
Additional Error Text
GeneralDestination Market
GeneralModel Year
GeneralPlant CitySagamihara
GeneralVehicle TypePASSENGER CAR
GeneralPlant CountryJapan
GeneralPlant Company NameCentral Motor Corp., LTD
GeneralPlant State
GeneralBase Price ($)
GeneralManufacturer Id1057
GeneralCash For Clunkers
Exterior / BodyBody Class
Exterior / BodyDoors
Exterior / BodyWindows
Exterior / BodyWheel Base Type
Exterior / BodyTrack Width
Exterior / DimensionGross Vehicle Weight Rating
Exterior / DimensionBed Length (inches)
Exterior / DimensionCurb Weight (pounds)
Exterior / DimensionWheel Base (inches)
Exterior / DimensionWheel Base (inches) up to
Exterior / TruckBed Type
Exterior / TruckCab Type
Exterior / TrailerTrailer Type Connection
Exterior / TrailerTrailer Body Type
Exterior / TrailerTrailer Length (feet)
Exterior / TrailerOther Trailer Info
Exterior / Wheel tireNumber of Wheels
Exterior / Wheel tireWheel Size Front (inches)
Exterior / Wheel tireWheel Size Rear (inches)
InteriorEntertainment System
InteriorSteering Location
Interior / SeatNumber of Seats
Interior / SeatNumber of Seat Rows
Mechanical / TransmissionTransmission Style
Mechanical / TransmissionTransmission Speeds
Mechanical / DrivetrainDrive Type
Mechanical / DrivetrainAxles
Mechanical / DrivetrainAxle Configuration
Mechanical / BrakeBrake System Type
Mechanical / BrakeBrake System Description
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Info
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Type
Mechanical / BatteryNumber of Battery Cells per Module
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Current (Amps)
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Voltage (Volts)
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Energy (KWh)
Mechanical / BatteryEV Drive Unit
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Current (Amps) up to
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Voltage (Volts) up to
Mechanical / BatteryBattery Energy (KWh) up to
Mechanical / BatteryNumber of Battery Modules per Pack
Mechanical / BatteryNumber of Battery Packs per Vehicle
Mechanical / Battery / ChargerCharger Level
Mechanical / Battery / ChargerCharger Power (KW)
EngineEngine Number of Cylinders6
EngineDisplacement (CC)2954
EngineDisplacement (CC)3300.0
EngineDisplacement (CI)201.37835551261
EngineDisplacement (CI)180.264140055
EngineDisplacement (L)2.954000
EngineDisplacement (L)3.3
EngineEngine Stroke Cycles
EngineEngine Model3MZ
EngineEngine Power (KW)171.5110
EngineFuel Type - PrimaryGasoline
EngineValve Train DesignDual Overhead Cam (DOHC)
EngineEngine ConfigurationV-Shaped
EngineFuel Type - Secondary
EngineFuel Delivery / Fuel Injection Type
EngineEngine Brake (hp)230
EngineCooling Type
EngineEngine Brake (hp) up to
EngineElectrification Level
EngineOther Engine InfoElectronic Fuel Injection
EngineTop Speed (MPH)
EngineEngine Manufacturer
Passive Safety SystemPretensioner
Passive Safety SystemSeat Belts Type
Passive Safety SystemOther Restraint System Info
Passive Safety System / Air Bag LocationCurtain Air Bag Locations
Passive Safety System / Air Bag LocationSeat Cushion Air Bag Locations
Passive Safety System / Air Bag LocationFront Air Bag Locations
Passive Safety System / Air Bag LocationKnee Air Bag Locations
Passive Safety System / Air Bag LocationSide Air Bag Locations
Active Safety SystemDriver Assist
Active Safety SystemAdaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Active Safety SystemAdaptive Headlights
Active Safety SystemAnti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Active Safety SystemCrash Imminent Braking (CIB)
Active Safety SystemBlind Spot Detection (BSD)
Active Safety SystemElectronic Stability Control (ESC)
Active Safety SystemTraction Control
Active Safety SystemForward Collision Warning (FCW)
Active Safety SystemLane Departure Warning (LDW)
Active Safety SystemLane Keeping Support (LKS)
Active Safety SystemRear Visibility System (RVS)
Active Safety SystemParking Assist
Active Safety SystemTPMS
Active Safety SystemActive Safety System Note
Active Safety SystemDynamic Brake Support (DBS)
Active Safety SystemPedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (PAEB)
Active Safety SystemAuto-Reverse System for Windows and Sunroofs
Active Safety SystemAutomatic Pedestrian Alerting Sound (for Hybrid and EV only)
Active Safety SystemAutomatic Crash Notification (CAN) / Advanced Automatic Crash Notification (AACN)
Active Safety SystemEvent Data Recorder (EDR)
Active Safety SystemKeyless Ignition
Active Safety SystemDaytime Running Light (DRL)
Active Safety SystemLower Beam Headlamp Light Source
Active Safety SystemSemiautomatic Headlamp Beam Switching
Active Safety SystemAdaptive Driving Beam (ADB)
Active Safety SystemSAE Automation Level
Active Safety SystemSAE Automation Level up to
Active Safety SystemRear Cross Traffic Alert
Exterior / BusBus Length (feet)
Exterior / BusBus Floor Configuration Type
Exterior / BusBus Type
Exterior / BusOther Bus Info
Exterior / MotorcycleCustom Motorcycle Type
Exterior / MotorcycleMotorcycle Suspension Type
Exterior / MotorcycleMotorcycle Chassis Type
Exterior / MotorcycleOther Motorcycle Info